Network and Security

In today's electronics driven world, everyone needs a secure and stable internet connection, with dependable wireless access. Unfortunately, most residential and business class routers aren't real secure, out of the box. They can be difficult to setup and leave many ports open that most users don't need, leaving your router and internal network exposed to internet attacks. No one needs that kind of stress in their life!
This is why Lucid Technologies offers Network Services to everyone. We want every home and business to have a secure network.
With our Network Services, we will survey your home, property or business and setup your network with the most optimal configuration. Most installations consist of an enterprise grade security gateway router and 1 or multiple access points. We can provide wireless access across your whole home, property or business, so stop dealing with dead spots or low wireless speeds. With the technology and equipment we use, we can span wireless signals miles apart, bringing internet to barns, outside buildings, detached garages, just about anywhere!
We offer indoor and outdoor "weather proof" equipment, as well as equipment for point to point configurations. We can accommodate most network configurations. We believe everyone should have a secure network, but we also believe when users are educated, you can achieve an even more secure network. That is why Lucid Technologies likes to take the extra time required to educate the user on best practices. 
Let Lucid Technologies knowledgeable staff help setup your new network or fix your existing configuration!
Unifi Security Gateway
Enterprise Gateway Routers with Gigabit Ethernet
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