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How much will I pay in taxes with Lucid Technologies LLC?
Lucid Technologies LLC cannot provide an exact amount of taxes billed to your account prior to the invoice that is generated and sent to the email address on file. Items such as line additions, overage charges, and equipment may change the amount of taxes charged to your account each month.

You will see two types of taxes on your Lucid Technologies LLC invoice: Universal Service Fee (USF) & Regulatory Recovery Fee (RRF). Both taxes fluctuate each quarter and are designated by the FCC. Every phone company has FCC taxes and there is, unfortunately, no way to remove taxes from your Lucid Technologies LLC recurring subscription fees.

What is the Regulatory Recovery Fee?
The Regulatory Recovery Fee, or RRF, is intended to offset certain costs incurred by Lucid Technologies LLC in providing your phone service. These costs include supporting services such as state or local universal service, providing disability access and certain state and local sales, use and telephone taxes. The Regulatory Recovery Fee is $1.50 per phone line per month. An additional pro-rated percentage may be added for any virtual number on your account.

Does Lucid Technologies LLC charge customers the Universal Service Fee ('USF')?
All customers are billed for the Universal Service Fee. The rate is regulated by the FCC and changes quarterly. The USF rate for the second quarter of 2019 is 18.8%.

What if I'm tax exempt?
Customers with a tax-exempt status are still responsible for service fees, including the RRF and USF. If the necessary paperwork is received in our office indicating you are tax-exempt, you will not be required to pay sales or excise tax.

Do non-profit organizations pay tax?
Non-profit organizations are not required to pay taxes with Lucid Technologies LLC once the proper paperwork has been completed. If you're a non-profit organization and have service with Lucid Technologies LLC, please send your W-9 to

Lucid Technologies LLC's tax ID is 84-4132145.

Updated on June 21, 2019
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